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Taxi pre-order is order, which has been made over 30 minutes before order delivery time. This prevents misunderstanding that taxi would be needed immediately. We confirm pre-order made to over 12 hours inside 12 hours after pre-order making. If you make order to less than 12 hours, and we do not confirm it in less than 30 minutes, assume that we did not receive the order. Cancellation terms are normally week before transportation cancellation is free of charge and less than 24 hours before departure we charge price of whole trip. Time window between these (less than week but more than 24 hours) we charge 50% from agreed price. Order minibus to Espoo Helsinki Vantaa area in advance or Mercedes-Benz car transportation according to your other needs. You can also order from us droplet infection safe car and goods delivery transportation and also moving service. All transportations can be ordered in advance. You can make order easily with below pre-order form. Please read our Tietosuojaseloste before making order.

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