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We have been operating in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in taxi and charter since 1987, and we have expanded our operations in 2018 with our own 20-seater VIP bus and 2021 with a 16-seater bus. We are a comprehensive company in terms of equipment, offering transport services with great and versatile equipment.

You can order a black sedan Mercedes-Benz car or, for example, a station wagon Mercedes-Benz or Volvo for an airport ride. Also available minibus transportations, bus trips for larger groups, traditional taxi car service with years of experience. Agreed timetables and comfort of transportation are certain in every order of transportation.

We are a reliable partner for both individuals and companies. Contact us when you need a good shuttle service with good equipment. Contact us when you need a good
taxi service with quality vehicles.

Our Services

We offer quality and with years of expertise taxi services, VIP transportation, minibus and bus charter transportation and special needs for rental cars. You can also order from us droplet infection safe car and goods delivery transportation and also moving service.